trente et un

I wish that I were dead absolutely nonexistent gone away from here from everywhere monday, 07/08/17


lullaby in 30

clouds are falling apart crying neurotic drops timeless bullets majestic thunders accusing dancing slipping through my fingers dazzling lights boasting an ocean of shattered tears drifting between waves of tender sadness I bleed in blue dust covers the bruises callous pearls sheltered in slices of mud the sentence is pain friday, 4/08/17  

inertia in 29

close myself off to the world shields and ashes keep everyone out heart becomes rust from the poison in my thoughts and the worries and the fears shut them out destruct feel the heat across the skin the growl and moan of an empty stomach the numbness of an altered mind and the sickness of … Continue reading inertia in 29


how do our lives ravel out into the no-wind no-sound the weary gestures wearily recapitulant echoes of old compulsions with no-hand on no-string we fall into furious attitudes dead gestures of broken dolls words are no good words don't ever fit even what they are trying to say wednesday, 2/08/17

toast for a year in 27

to the year I told prefect to go fuck itself to the year I learned that love is lying in moments to the year I realized I was powerful in a way that had nothing to do with muscles and bones to the year I wept till all the stars coalesced into a shipwrecked blur … Continue reading toast for a year in 27

tempête en 26

if I put my ears down close to my soul and I listen hard I hear the thunder boisterous and impetuous an enthralling lover blinded by passion washing off the poison watercolour dripping there is no map and there is no road only vigorous rumbles with terrible confessions I can still see the roses red … Continue reading tempête en 26

day 25, gracefully insane

once I was beautiful now I am myself I am scarred by the nostalgic indecipherability of my own desires I am engulfed by the intimidating unknown pushed through darkness and dragged down by the irretrievable past sweetness of my memories and I occasionally succumb to suicidal nihilism death touches my psyche and mumbles in her … Continue reading day 25, gracefully insane